Background Checks: Needless or Necessary In the Workplace?

Comprehensive criminal background checks are a must for aiding in your decision to hire an employee or retain a current employee. The following are potential risks you may face if you do not perform background checks:

1) Rapid Employee Turnover
2) Drug and Alcohol Use/Abuse
3) Lawsuits
4) Accidents In the Workplace
5) High Costs When Hiring Negligent Employees
6) Potential Fraud And Theft
7) Liability

If you have familiarized yourself with my website, then you know how I feel about the importance of performing pre-employment and random drug testing. Background checks are the only way to confirm whether or not a potential employee is suitable for employment. The following is a list of crucial information that a comprehensive background check will reveal:

Criminal History: Department of Corrections, Sex Offender, Violent Sex Offender, National and International Terrorism Foreign Nationals Database and P.R.I.O.R.S.

Motor Vehicle Report: Department of Motor Vehicles, license status, suspensions or revocation’s, moving violations, DUIs, point accumulation, chargeable accidents, court appearances and departmental actions.

Social Security Address Trace: Applicants residency, movement patterns, address history, state and validity of issue, Social Security Death Index search.

Workers Compensation Report: History of reports of injury and court contested claims, date of injury, employer at time of incident, time lost, type of injury, body part and any job-related disability.

Employment, Education, Reference and Residence Verification: Contact with personal and professional references, applicants residency history, validation of degrees earned, proof of residency.

In today’s business climate, there are generally many more applicants than positions are available. That means that you, the employer, are at an advantage of being able to eliminate undesirable candidates. So it is up to you to conduct due diligence to protect your company and your employees.

And finally, here are some startling statistics that confirm the absolute necessity of performing background checks, and, of course, drug testing.

53%: Percentage of job applicants that lie on their resumes
10%-20%: Percent of employees who die on the job that test positive for alcohol and other drugs
13%: Percentage of lost productivity in substance abusers/criminals
3X: Average times that drug abusers/criminals change jobs per year
$15,000,000,000.00: Average amount employee theft cost retailers in 2010
75%: Percentage of employees who steal from their employer at least once during their employment
13%: Percentage of fraudulent Worker’s Compensation filings

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