ADS follows federal DOT regulations regarding adulteration detection and prevention for ALL urine tests (rapid and non-rapid), including:

Valid picture ID is required to confirm that donor has not sent a substitute donor in their place.

Required results forms are filled out.

Donor removes all unnecessary outer clothing and empties all pockets prior to entering bathroom.

Donor demonstrates to collector that all pockets are empty and that there are no items anywhere on their person.

Donor washes hands prior to specimen collection.

Both toilet and tank contain a bluing agent to prevent donor from attempting to dilute sample.

No trash receptacles are present to prevent depositing of adulteration paraphernalia.

Paper towel dispensers are secured to prevent hiding of adulteration paraphernalia.

Soap, disinfectants, cleaning agents or any other possible adulterants are removed from bathroom.

While collector stands by door to bathroom, donor is instructed to provide sample and not flush the toilet or wash hands.

After collector examines bathroom, tests the temperature of the sample and confirms sample is valid and non-adulterated, donor may flush toilet and wash hands.

Donor signs results form indicating that they have not adulterated in any manner and that the sample may be confirmed at a lab for confirmation purposes.

NON-DOT and DOT Tests: sent with completed chain-of-custody overnight to lab for testing and confidential results are submitted to authorized personnel upon receipt.

Rapid Tests: Confidential results are submitted to authorized personnel when both collector and donor have completed the preliminary results form and results are complete.


On 10 and 12-Panel rapid tests only: An additional 7-Panel adulterant detection test is conducted and the categories are as follows: Temperatuare, Oxidants, Specific Gravity, pH, Nitrates, Glutaraldehyde and Creatinine. Confidential results are submitted to authorized personnel only.

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